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The positions

We show you all the positions you can adopt with our ARICO bean bags! Several possible positions, modular and instinctive.
"More than just a beanbag!"

- Adult Bean Bag -

Bean bag Arico couleur marin

Position Standard or Flat

The basic position and the one you can use flat for storage or when you're not using the bean bag. This position remains the most instinctive. You take the bean bag, put it down any way you want and voila!

*This position is particularly appreciated by children. It allows them to have fun on the bean bag and go to bed.

Bean bag Arico couleur bordeaux

Sitting/lying down

The sitting/lying position is the position most often used. In other words, it's the position you'll probably use most of the time at home. This is also the position in which you will leave your ARICO bean bag when you are not using it. We consider this position to be the most "aesthetic" to do. From this position, you will only have to move your body forward to be in a lying position and backward to be in a lying position ("hammock" position).

To do this, it's simple, take one end of the bean bag and push it inside as shown in the attached photo. Have fun sculpting your mark in the bean bag to make it fit your shape. The support is second to none!

Bean bag Arico couleur pierre

Lying Down

The prone position is a position we created for our adult version. Two eyelets at the end of the bean bag are ready to accommodate a carabiner thus creating a new position.Lie completely on your back or in cross-legged position. We consider this position to be the most "slim" with a more modern style of decoration.

From this position, you will only have to move your body forward to be in a fully lying position and backward to be in a more upright position ("meditation" style position).

*This is the most common position when we visit yoga centers, rest areas, events, etc.

- Bean Bag Junior and Junior XL -

Bean bag Arico junior couleur violet

Standard/Sit Position

The basic position of our junior format and our junior XL format. This format was created by ARICO Inc.

Children will instinctively figure out how to sit on the bean bag and adults will benefit from a more than comfortable sitting position ! You will have the option of putting your legs fully forward or in a cross-legged position.

From this position, you will only have to move your body forwards or backwards to find your account.

*This is the most used position for this format. Small and comfortable are the reasons why the junior size is the perfect asset for your children or for your apartment.

Bean bag Arico junior couleur boréal


The standing/vertical position for our junior size only.The shape of our bean bags ensures that they become vertically stable. The main point of this position is that it pushes us to adopt an upright posture. Ideal for working in the office.

From this position, you will only have to move your body forward or backward to stabilize the bean bag and shape it.

*This position can also be done with our adult format. Use the bean bag facing forward to sit on. Another possible position is to put the bean bag on its side and sit on the seam. This will create a mix between standing/chair and sitting/lying.

- Bean Bag Cadet -

Bean bag Arico cadet couleur charbon

Our signature model has a position. Instinctive as a chair, but with the comfort offered by ARICO products.

Vertical like a chair, place yourself as deeply as possible in the middle of the seat. Its natural shape makes this bean bag chair intuitive and easy to use.

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