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All about the benefits of an ARICO bean bag and its advantages. Why they are so popular in educational, professional and entertainment settings. 

- Sensory product -

We are delighted to hear our customers express their love for our wonderful ARICO bean bag chairs. However, nothing gives us more satisfaction than learning how much our products have helped people with autism or sensory disorders. Nothing can match a child's smile when they first settle into one of our bean bag chairs.
Beanbag chairs, known as "Bean Bags", are used in many ways as sensory products by parents and therapists. They provide exceptional proprioceptive sensory input, promoting body awareness and helping to organize the brain to improve focus and attention. They are particularly good at hugging, pushing, pulling, crushing or jumping. Bean Bags are also excellent compression tools, conforming perfectly to the shape of the body and providing a soothing and even pressure. Our customers particularly appreciate the enveloping feeling offered by our bean bag chairs, which are far more comfortable and affordable than many alternatives.

​- Entertainment product -

One of the most popular products for video game enthusiasts! They allow both casual and avid gamers to enjoy an essential, yet often overlooked element: comfort. As gamers, we are used to spending long hours sitting in our office chairs or sofas. Both options can be extremely uncomfortable in the long run or expensive. We offer a product that adapts perfectly to your body. When you play for long periods of time, you may suffer from back pain. With our polystyrene bead interior and premium fabrics, you get an incredibly comfortable gaming experience!
In addition, "Bean Bags" are versatile. They can be used as a chair for intense parties or be transformed into a sofa for co-op gaming sessions with friends. At the end of the evening, you can lay them flat to rest. All of this is possible with just one product.
ARICO Bean Bags are designed to be stacked on top of each other. Our colors adapt to your style and your personal preferences. We offer bright colors to complement themed playrooms, as well as darker hues for a professional look.

- ​Professional Product - Work -

While office chairs have their uses, we all agree that they aren't always fun or extremely comfortable. Many companies and their employees are therefore looking for something better, and they have discovered the huge benefits of using Bean Bags in their workplace! These chairs are ideal for offices, as they offer a multitude of uses. Creative companies use them to transform their conference rooms into comfortable sofas and furnish their "brainstorming" spaces.
Many financial firms feature them in their lobbies to create a contemporary feel. There are even many start-ups that provide them to their employees to use as office chairs while programming. Many companies seek to differentiate themselves by offering unique amenities to their employees. Ultimately, it's been proven that when your employees have a way to relax at work, their productivity increases! ARICO bean bag chairs are the best office furniture for an innovative company. Office workers often tend to underestimate the importance of taking care of their backs. Good posture is essential, and slouching in an uncomfortable office chair isn't the answer. ARICO Bean Bags are widely used in many physical and therapeutic therapy centers in the region due to their comfort. They help relieve pressure on the back and promote proper posture at work! They are also very popular in medical practices. 

​- Produced in an educational environment -

​Schools and educators continually strive to create unique environments and programs for their students to maximize their learning. More and more school settings, including Lab-schools, are integrating our Bean Bags as integral parts to achieve this goal. Lab-schools, which are innovative establishments focused on research and educational practice, recognize the advantages of our products in promoting learning. Teachers and specialists use our products to create areas where students can benefit from soothing sensory feedback and focus on the tasks at hand. The Lab-schools, which are based on innovative pedagogical approaches, integrate our beanbag chairs to foster a stimulating learning environment and foster creativity and collaboration between students.

Many schools also use our products in their libraries or student lounges to create comfortable discussion, reading and study areas. ARICO Bean Bags provide flexibility and mobility that allows students to move easily and create their own personalized spaces based on their needs. School Boards also recognize the financial benefits of ARICO Bean Bags, as they provide a much more affordable alternative to expensive specialized equipment often used in special education.

ARICO Bean Bags have become a versatile and popular solution in educational settings, helping to create learning environments that are stimulating, comfortable and conducive to creativity.

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